One Step Closer To A Bug-Out Location

While many of my plans at this point revolve around sheltering in place, I’m not stupid. (Hey, you? Stop laughing!)  I recognize that while we may want to stay here, that may not be realistic.  We may just have to get out of Dodge.

So, today my wife and I had lunch with my mother-in-law.

She recently sold the farm that had been in my father-in-law’s family for years.  She held onto five acres out of the couple hundred that had been in place with the understanding that her sons would take care of them.

They won’t.  The MIL knows it, my wife knows it, and I know it.  One might if someone asks him first.  The other?  Not gonna happen.

That means this land will probably be neglected.  And that’s when I offered to help take care of the land in exchange for using it for family camping and hunting.  Yeah, it’s just five acres, but it’s surrounded by woods in prime whitetail deer country.

Anyways, she was agreeable, so now we’re going to plan a trip down to do some work on the land, which I’m kind of looking forward to.  I plan to spend some time exploring the land and scouting out good places to set up our own camp that I’ve already mentally dubbed Camp Teotwawki.

There’s a well on site, though it needs work.  That includes a hand pump, but also needs some other things as the water is kind of muddy right now.  I’ll learn and fix and make sure that should The Bad Times come, we’ve got a place to fall back to.

And if not?  Well, we’ve got a way to get the hell out of the city.

Here’s hoping this acreage butts up to the creek.  If it does, then I can see some quality time fishing with my son.

Looking forward to the work too, oddly enough.  The idea of making a place fit is kind of appealing.  Especially since I sit on my butt all day for work.