Working On My Bug Out Bag

The other day, I took a look at my bug out bag.  Yeesh!  I really shouldn’t have done that.

OK, yeah, I should have.  Otherwise, I’d have found out just how bad life could be the hard way.  You see, I put together my bug out bad with the belief that I’d continue to add stuff to it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t.  I put a bunch of stuff in there — it was a good start, make no mistake — but then I backed off.  The result is that my BOB was horribly incomplete.

First, almost no clothing.  Second, no food.

Oh yeah, I was a hard-charging survivalist there, wasn’t it?

To make matters worse, my bad didn’t really have the room for either of those things.  It was a small pack, which is good, but it was really too small.


Old bag, now empty. I’ll find use for it, I’m just not sure where yet.

The other night, after looking around, I pulled the trigger on a new bag.  This one is about 50L.  It’s an inexpensive model that had some decent reviews on Amazon, but I’m also fully prepared to reinforce straps and whatnot.

The new bag, with most of my gear transferred.

The new bag, with most of my gear transferred.

Most of the gear I have in the smaller back has transferred to the new bag. Next, it was examined to make sure it’s what I really need.  Let me be honest, I was stupid on some of this gear.  I went to Walmart and picked up items in stock that would meet the basic needs.  Fire, shelter, water.  Everything but food.

However, some of that gear is less than spectacular.  I need to make use of it and see if it’s salvageable.  If so, awesome.  If not, I’ll post the review and get something else.  (Yes, I plan on actually showing people I paid money on crap stuff.  Go me.)

More importantly, I’ll be showing how I’m rebuilding my bag step by step.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to help someone else put one together.

In addition, I need to build bags for my wife and daughter who don’t have one.  Luckily, my son has one already from a Boy Scout merit badge class he took.  It was fairly complete, so we’ll need to inventory it, add things in (underwear and socks, food, etc.) and make sure it’s not too uncomfortable to ruck with.

More following the jump, because this bad boy is LONG!

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