Gettin’ Prepping is a site where one guy chronicles his own family’s efforts to prepare for the worst, rather than just hoping for the best.  After a decade of just thinking and talking about it, with a few harder dabbles here and there.  It’s time to really get things in gear and get…well…gear.

The idea here isn’t blowing tons of money.  Most of us don’t have it.  I sure don’t, so I assume you don’t either.  If you do, then prepping is probably easy as all get out and you won’t need me or anyone else to show you what we’ve done, we’re doing, or what we’ve done wrong.

If you’re like me, then do yourself a favor and get started.  Put aside food, water, medical supplies, and some means of personal protection and get ready.  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  Just a bit.  Then a bit more.  And so on.

So let’s get started.