Ending Radio Silence

Hello, folks.  Sorry it’s been quiet here, but life has been…interesting.

First, we had a mild SHTF incident when we lost water here at the house for the weekend.  We could fetch it from outside, but no running water inside.  It was…interesting.

It was a nice reminder that I really need to do better on my water storage.

However, I started doing a bit of garden planning now that we’re past this thing with the water (pro tip: Never assume a faucet is a simple fix unless you are a plumber).

Now, some of you might remember that I mentioned I live in a mobile home court (which is just a step up above your traditional trailer park).  We live in a decent sized, fenced in yard, but I didn’t think a garden was a realistic option.

Then I started thinking about vertical gardening.

The idea of growing up instead of out sounds like the ticket for such a limited space.  So, planning has begun.

Of course, this offers up some challenges as well.  For example, I have two parts of my hard that are where I plan to put place the garden.  One is north facing, one is west.  The eastern part of the yard is too narrow to do much of anything, plus has a lot of tree cover so it’s not ideal anyways.  The South is just too shady.  At any point in the day, there’s like zero sun there.

The biggest challenge is that it’s still shady as heck.  At 7:30 this morning, there was remarkably little sunlight hitting the ground.  By 10, it was decent on the western lawn.  By 1:30, the better sunned section from earlier was now in the shade.  However, the entire North lawn was bright and sunny and clearly had been for some time.

It’s a good thing I’m going vertical, because there’s really very little yard available for use that has decent sun.

Anyway, I’ll make it work.  The BOL doesn’t really have great sun either, so this will make a good lesson in planning around that.



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