First Aid Kit…Not According To Plan

First, my apologies for the brief hiatus.  I’ve been swamped with work over the last week or so, and I just didn’t have blogging in me after everything.  After all, I write during the day and the more I have to do, the less time I have for this, unfortunately.

So, after a small snafu on my first aid kit, I have to say that my plan was less than stellar.  Oh, there’s plenty of stuff, but I looked through the contents I’d ordered and realized that it’s…well…meh.

Honestly, I think I’d have been better off buying individual items after all.  Pretty much nothing was worthwhile except the bandaids and I have plenty of those already.

Well, it’s here now, so it’s time to branch out and add to the kit.  I also need to plan some way to organize it better.  Story of my life.

The blood pressure cuff and stethoscope wasn’t too bad.  It’s basic, to be sure, but otherwise acceptable.  The stethoscope will probably need to be replaced eventually, but that’s one of those items that having multiples of may be handy.  Most importantly, though, it works well enough for now.

In all honesty, I’m probably better prepped on medical supplies than 95 percent of the population, so I have that going for me.

Now I just need to make this whole thing not suck so much. 🙂


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