Step One on Water Down

It’s time to slow down a bit, as I said before, but fate waits for no man.  Neither does the bus, but I digress.  I said it was time to slow down, but I also pointed out that I planned on securing at least one piece of prepper gear with each paycheck.

I’m basically self-employed, with different customers paying on different schedules.  I use the once per month payments to cover bills, but one customer pays weekly, and that’s what I count as “mine,” so to speak.

Well, today I ordered a 100 gallon WaterBOB for the tub.  Assuming we can fill it before losing the water, that should be about 25 days of water for my family.  This is good.

The downside is that it’s assuming I can actually fill it first, of course.  So, this is only a start.

The thing is, a WaterBOB is actually pretty cheap, running about $20.  I personally think everyone should have something similar on hand, just because.  Assuming, of course, that they work.

However, I now have something for water, and a decent amount of water.  It’s a nice foundation to base things around.  Sure, I still need a good filter, and I need to figure out how to put some water away.  I need to do all of that.

The important thing is that I’m doing something.

Realistically, I doubt I’ll ever be as prepared as I want to be.  Few of us ever will be.  What matters is the overall direction one is taking.

People tend to fall into a few different groups.  The majority have their heads in the sand, trusting the government to have their back.  Some know they need to do something, but are paralyzed by fear and confusion (Yes, I was in this camp for far too long).  Some are convinced they can take what they want in The Bad Times and aren’t worried about it.  The rest are the ones spending a lot of time getting ready, just in case.

The important thing is to be in that last group.  That’s where I am now, and I’m damn glad to be there.


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