Don’t Get Too Wrapped Up In Your Own Ideas

Preppers all have their own ideas of what things are going to be like in The Bad Times.  We all have our pet theories based on…well, whatever.  It doesn’t matter what they’re based on.  What is important is that we have them.

From time to time, some of us get too wrapped up in our own ideas.

On a post at, a gentleman dropped a line that got published regarding HAM radio operations.  Now, I know less about HAM radio than I do about quantum mechanics, but this tidbit really got up my dander:

IF the SHTF (or maybe better WHEN), there will be absolutely no accountability with people using amateur radio bands; NONE. That will be the last thing on the minds of the alleged authorities.

A CB radio with good linear will get out pretty far. When the bands are right, they might even get out of country. In a TEOTWAWKI, there will be almost no comms because in that type of event, the air will be so clogged with fall out (pulverized rock), radio will not work except for very specific and narrow bands.

(Emphasis added by yours truly)

Now, the gentleman who wrote this argues that in case of TEOTWAWKI, no one is going to care about licenses for HAM radios.  He’s right.

However, I personally think he’s wrong on some key points.

First, he appears to be very locked into his own version of what kind of disasters could occur.  Fallout?  Sure, in a nuclear war or supervolcano, but what about an EMP?  What about a pandemic?

Plus, note the first bolded part.  SHTF events can take any form.  A tornado devastating an area is definitely an SHTF situation.  However, there’s still the rule of law.  Simply assuming you’ll be free to do as you wish in any version of a disaster is about half-silly.  It’s begging the government to pay you a visit when things settle down.

The thing is, I have an idea what’s happened with this gentleman.

Personally, I think he’s done a lot of thinking.  He’s done the threat assessment and has his idea of what is the most probable situation.  I get that.  I’ve done the same thing.

However, he’s become too focused on that, I believe.  He sees that scenario as the only one, and that colors all of his thoughts.  He’s expecting a huge bang, lots of dust, and something that will clog the air for days.

But there’s a pile of things that could go wrong with those assumptions.  For example, one may assume that the clogged air will keep people away for a period of time and therefore haven’t planned any near-term security.

Now, I could be wrong.  This guy may have N95 masks ready for a pandemic, and plans in place for EMP hitting us and anything else.

However, it’s probably smart for us to take a moment from time to time to make sure we haven’t fallen into a trap of our own making and assume too much it’ll be just that one thing.  The idea behind prepping is to be ready for any eventuality.  Don’t get too tied up in one that you completely ignore everything else.

It’s a good reminder for me, and I hope it helps someone else.


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