A Quick Thanks

It’s been one of those days today, but I wanted to take a moment to thank M.D. Creekmore and the Pack over at The Survivalist Blog.  I’ve had several people stop by to review my plan.  Between there and here, there’s been a lot to think about.

I’m actually impressed with the fact that no one said my plan was total bollocks, so there’s that.

While M.D. hasn’t offered an opinion, he didn’t take out the link to my blog when I commented over there that I had my plan up.  I didn’t explicitly ask for feedback, which may have helped, but M.D. could have nixed it had he wanted.

He didn’t, so for that alone he deserves my thanks.

I’m working on another post for later today, but I did want to offer my thanks to the crew over there for everything they’ve done so far.


One thought on “A Quick Thanks

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