6/5 Week In Review

It’s time for my weekly review.  From a blog standpoint, it’s been a nice second week here.  Most of that has come from one place in particular, but it’s all been helpful.  However, while that’s been a high point, it’s not the only one.

For one thing, I picked up my new Mora knife.  For the price, it’s a ridiculously well-made piece of hardware that I personally think only a snob would diss out of hand.  I will be grabbing two or three more so the rest of the family has good quality knives.  They’ll probably get the stainless versions, though.  I don’t they’ll do the care aspect of knife owning like I will.

I’ve also picked up a fair bit more of food.  Plus, experimentation with various canned meats has begun.  This will provide a significant move toward more options for eating during The Bad Times.  Frankly, I want as much variety as humanly possible.  Right now, it’s mostly canned chicken, and while we can do a lot with canned chicken, it’s still a limit.  I’d rather push those limits out.

Now, I know where to at least get some pulled pork in BBQ sauce.  Now to find the same thing without the sauce.

Most importantly, though, I have a plan going forward.  I know what to get next, and then after that, then after that.

The problem with the plan as I see it is if the balloon goes up tomorrow.  If that happens, I’m hosed.  However, I’m not as hosed as most folks, so there’s that.

Next is water.  That’s my priority.  I know two things to pick up on that front, and I will get those as soon as humanly possible.  That’ll happen soon.  Very soon.

Thank you Amazon Prime for getting stuff to me quickly.

The real secret with this is to just make a step forward while trying to avoid any steps back.  That gets harder as you roll forward, but ultimately it will be worth it.



2 thoughts on “6/5 Week In Review

  1. pork, beef, hamburger, etc at pleasanthillgrain.com, free shipping w/ 99.00 order. just a happy customer. the misses just whipped up some killer bbq the other night using a can. good luck on your quest.


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