Gettin’ Prepping

First, let me say welcome.

Next, let me tell you a bit out myself.  I’m Tom, and this is my site.  I’m going to start off with some confessions.

You see, I’m a rookie prepper who shouldn’t be a rookie prepper.

I spent years talking about prepping and studying about prepping, and what did I do?  Well, mostly I did jack.  I bought guns, but that was mostly because I really like guns.  That part was easy.

However, this is far from a reliable strategy.  You know what I call people who stock up on guns and ammo but nothing else for a social collapse?  Predators.  And I don’t want to be anything like that.

I have challenges to deal with, however.  You do too, I’m sure.  My hope is that here I can really address my challenges, how I deal with them, and maybe help you figure out your own issues.



One of my biggest challenges in prepping is my wife.  On the surface, she’s at least tolerable with prepping.  However, the reality is that it kind of annoys her at times.  Mostly, since prepping ain’t cheap, it’s something she demands to be cut when money gets tight.

Of course, keeping money from getting tight would fix much of this, but it’s easier said than done.

Another challenge is where we live.

You see, most people figure that preppers need 20 acres in the middle of nowhere.  Well, I kind of think that myself.  However, we live in a crappy neighborhood in Southwest Georgia.  I am suspicious of many of my neighbors, though there are some good folks here too.

We moved here after my business completely collapsed followed by the death of my mother who had minimal life insurance.  Yeah, it sucked, and this is where we ended up.

So that means we have to prep while maintaining complete OPSEC from the vast majority of our neighbors and try to put aside enough so we can get another place.  Yay.


The Plus Side

The plus side is that there is a ton of information on the internet, and I’ve spent a decade or so considering myself a “prepper” despite not actually doing a damn thing.  I’ve armed myself with a lot of information at least, so I’m not going into this completely blind.

In addition, while we might not live in the best neighborhood (but far from the worst as well), we do live somewhere with a low enough cost of living that we can direct far more money toward preps.  In addition, my son is now almost 15, so he can put forth physical labor.  He thinks the prepping thing is kind of cool, so there’s that.


Where I Stand

So where do I stand?  Well, I’ve just put in an order for some one-gallon mylar bags and O2 absorbers.  We also have an extra room that’s being used for storage.  Well, preps are storage…kind of.

I’ve got a couple of shelves in place, and they can hold a decent amount of preps, and a larger, sturdier system on order as well.  Once that’s loaded up, we’ll see about grabbing another.  And another.

Plus 5-gallon buckets.  Oh, there will be buckets.


So What Will You See Here?

I’m not going to obligate myself to any kind of regular schedule here.  Not right now, anyway.

That said, I hope to be somewhat regular with my updates.

Subject matter will vary based on my own interests.  They fluctuate from time to time.  In fact, my wife will say that’s an understatement.  However, since there are a billion different things to study with prepping, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  There should be plenty of things to write about.

Guns though.  I’ll definitely write about guns.  Like I said, I like guns.

However, I like eating too, so food should be there aplenty.  A bit of everything really.

My next post will be a bit about my prepping philosophy, what I happen to be prepping for, and so on.

I hope you enjoy.