Review: Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide: Food, Shelter, Security, Off-the-Grid Power and More Life-Saving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living

The title is a mouthful, but I didn’t name the book.  It’s author, Jim Cobb, did.  What he tried to do was write a comprehensive guide for the newbie prepper that would also be valuable to the experienced prepper as well.

So, how did he do?

Well, in my opinion, he did quite well.

Cobb has an easy, conversational style that helps make a difficult and potentially stressful subject far more entertaining and easily to digest.

However, the book isn’t necessarily as complete as one would hope.  In fairness, that’s probably because entire volumes could be written on each chapter.  Cobb is instead giving readers enough of an overview that new preppers can hit the ground running while experienced preppers might pick up a trick or two.  Nothing more, nothing less.

I found it a pretty worthwhile read, and kept a few highlights on my Kindle, but I found much of the information to be pretty basic.

So, what would I do with this book?  This is the kind of thing I would hand to a neophyte prepper, especially one who is only luke warm about prepping as it is.

As I said, the information is pretty basic.  However, Cobb also does a good job of offering up texts that provide far more detailed information on whatever subject he’s talking about.

Like I said, he offers up a nice, digestible chunk, then tells you where to get the full deal.

Unfortunately, judging by some of the negative reviews on Amazon, that’s not sitting well with people.  One issue was a typo in the book, warning against storing long grain rice.  I recall reading that and being concerned because my own rice was long grain.  However, upon further review, it’s obvious he’s talking about “long grain and wild rice” rather than long grain white rice.

One of the more interesting topics in the book is one I had the least interest in, and that was his chapter on communities.  Cobb goes into the various roles people will need to fill, and even broaches the subject of how to deal with criminals.

Honestly, it’s a topic that we need to think about and try to determine some good, solid answers for prior to everything coming apart.  During the stress of the apocalypse may not be the best time to decide how to deal with the jerk who stole Great Aunt Edna’s silver.

I rather enjoyed the book, and while this may not be one I would keep on a bookshelf at Camp TEOTWAWKI, it’s one I wouldn’t hesitate to offer up to new folks.

On a scale from one to ten, I’m giving it a 7.5 out of 10.  While the information is somewhat basic and more of an overview kind of thing, Cobb’s style is fantastic and well worth reading on that basis alone.  I highly recommend reading his work just for the entertainment value of his prose.

However, go into the book with an open mind and simply expecting to be entertained.  I have little doubt you’ll pick up a trick or two, but just let that be the bonus. Click below to purchase your copy (via my affiliate link, of course.)


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