5/29 Week In Review

It’s been a pretty busy week on the prepping front.  Realistically, it’s also time to slow down just a bit.  This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon after all.  However, for the first time in a while, I’ve got a month or more’s worth of food.  That makes me feel a whole lot more confident.

So, let’s review just a bit.

First, there was the new shelf and the new influx of canned goods.  Oh, and my rice too.  I know most preppers stock dried beans and stuff for when the grid goes down, but I’ve never had much luck cooking them, so canned veggies it is. At least for now.

With a total of 40+ cans, it’s easy to feel like I’m covered, but I’m not.  I’ve got butter beans and green beans.  That’s not nearly enough variety for comfort.  Missing are family staples like early peas and carrots, for example.

My wife is an extremely picky eater when it comes to vegetables, so we’re going to have to explore more veggies she’ll eat.  Luckily, a half-Cuban friend of ours fixed some black beans one night for her that she really enjoyed.  That means black beans are stockable too.


Two significant holes in our preps at this point are water and a first aid kit.  We’ve got meds out the wazoo and adhesive bandages of all shapes and sizes, but beyond that all we have is a blowout kit I keep on a battle belt.

So that will be the next area to begin accumulating as possible.  Research should be fun, since I was a Navy Corpsman.  That means I’ve got a background in doing a lot of things the average schmoe has no business trying to do under normal circumstances.

And yes, water will be next as well.  We definitely need some kind of a filter.  I’m toying with an idea for building my own Berkey-like filter with food safe buckets, activated charcoal, etc.  I’ll have to do some more research since I suspect I’m not the first to have this idea.

We’ll see.

Of course, we’ll still need physical water storage.  The closest water source is a quarter mile or so down the road, and it’s a reservoir.  I’d really rather not have to muck (no pun intended) with that water if I can help it.

I’m looking at on of those “waterpod” things you fill in your bathtub.  Water will last longer than power after all, so I should be able to top one of the tubs off.  I’ll take a look at a few options.  I really think water is one of those things you never have enough of.  We’ll see.

Light is another hole we’re looking to fill, but we kind of already have.

You see, when I say I never really did any preps despite talking about it, it’s not completely true.  I did some preps, but they were kind of half-assed.  One thing I did was pick up a few oil lamps.

These things are actually pretty efficient energy-wise.  A half-gallon of oil gets you about 150 hours of light, reportedly, and since lamp oil isn’t that expensive, it’s doable.  Sure, battery powered lights are common preps, but batteries aren’t sustainable.  You’re going to run out.

This is a personal call, and I may throw in some batter powered lamps for short term, but I think this is a better way to go.

So, that’s my week in a nutshell, and the immediate plans for the future.  I’ll also be doing a couple more reviews of various things I have either here or on order.  I hope you like them!



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