More Food For The Family

Yeah, I already talked about food a bit the other day.  Well, last night I transferred my 50 lbs bag of rice into mylar bags and sealed them up.

That’s a first for me.  You see, while I always talked a big game I never actually had done any of this.

Luckily, all the theory pretty much prepared me to actually do this thing.

Just the buckets.  That big box of rice is what we're using now and I don't count it as stores.

Just the buckets. That big box of rice is what we’re using now and I don’t count it as stores.

Well, OK…the reality is that it’s just not that difficult a thing.  You put the rice in the bag, drop in an O2 absorber, then seal it up.  I’ve heard some people throw the rice in the freezer to make sure anything in the rice is good and dead.  Personally, I’m not sure I’m wild about that.  It’s another step and how is anything going to grow without oxygen?

So, I skipped it.

Now, a few notes from my own experiences.

First, I used one-gallon mylar bags rather than dropping a five-gallon bags.  This was more about using the rice.  We don’t really have anywhere to keep an opened bucket of rice without raising questions.  So, I decided to use one-gallon bags for storage.  That means we can open one up and pour it into a canister and not raise any eyebrows.

One gallon mylar bags. Three fit easily in the bucket.  Since it's a five-gallon bucket, however...

One gallon mylar bags. Three fit easily in the bucket. Since it’s a five-gallon bucket, however…

Next, my buckets.  As you may see from the photos, they’re just some blue buckets from Lowe’s.  I can see some of you cringing right here and now, and I empathize.  However, here’s the thing to remember: The rice never touches the bucket.

The rice is vacuum sealed.  The mylar will keep out anything and everything except rodents.  That’s why we put the rice in buckets in the first place, right?  Well, when it’s sealed in mylar, the bucket being food safe just isn’t as important as it might be otherwise.  Especially since the bucket is really just used as a container for holding the sealed bags.  They’ll literally never be opened in the bucket.

Now, there’s a downside to this.  Primarily, I could only manage to put three bags in each bucket.  That’s 15-18 lbs, rather than the 35 lbs that a bucket can normally handle.  However, even that has an upside.  My wife can easily handle one of these buckets while a fully loaded bucket might be more problematic for her.

However, for the most part, this method will take up more space than if I’d just used five-gallon buckets.

Now, another note about Lowe’s buckets.

OPSEC is one of my hallmarks.  With the blue buckets, should someone see them stacked in my house, there’s absolutely nothing that would scream “FOOD!” to them.  In fact, it’s a home improvement store.  It’s probably something to do with one of the billion or so projects I’ve got going on here at the house, at least in their mind.

Now, I’ve still got to label the buckets.  The trick here is to label them so that it won’t raise any further questions.  Probably labelling the lid will work on that front.  I’d do the bottom, but that’s just begging for problems.

Still, it’s kind of nice to have such a nice cushion for a change.

The thing is to expand that so I have even more of a cushion.  That’s what’s next.


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