Food, Glorious Food!

The real mark of a prepper/survivalist has got to be food storage.  Gun folks don’t always have food stored, and neither do your bushcraft crowd.  No, we preppers do food storage.

However, that’s something I always slacked off on in the past.  It’s what I beat myself up over time and time again because I knew I needed to store food.

Well, today was kind of a big day at the house.

A few days ago, I ordered a new shelf system from Amazon (review forthcoming), and since I knew it would be here today, I decided to pick up some stuff to stock up on it.  Oh yeah.


The new shelf with goodies in place.

So, let’s go into what you see here.


The easy stuff


First, let’s look at 12 lbs of salt and two bottles of olive oil.  Yes, we need more of both, but this should actually last use for a good bit of time.  We’re pretty sparing on this stuff.  We should use both of these long before the oil goes bad.  Salt is kind of eternal and all that, so we’re going to stock a whole lot more of that.


More goodies

Canned chicken.

We eat a lot of this stuff.  We like to mix it in with alfredo sauce, but my wife uses this a lot for chicken pot pie.  It’s not ideal, since this stuff can be pretty bland, but we can look and see what else we can figure out.

Canned goods

Canned goods

We’re huge fans of green beans in this house, so I picked up twenty cans to go with the few we already had on hand.  While we usually cook two to three cans per meal, but each can is ostensibly 3.5 servings each.  If we ration what we’ve got, we can get one meal out of one can.  One full serving for each full sized person and a half serving for the little one in the house.

If we ration what we’ve got, we can get one meal out of one can.  One full serving for each full sized person and a half serving for the little one in the house.

More canned goods

More canned goods

Butter beans are another staple in our house.  We love this stuff, especially over rice.  This is another twenty cans.  One can, while rationing, should feed the whole family if necessary.

We also picked up a 50 lbs bag of white rice.  Along with the shelf were some mylar bags and O2 absorbers, so tomorrow I’ll be breaking those down.  That should be a post here.

So, what does that give us?

At best, we’ve got a couple to three weeks of ugly eating.  However, just like that I feel a whole lot better about my family’s situation.  With a handful of other things we already have on hand, we can probably get another week or two worth of eating.

In addition to what we now have on hand, I placed an order for two 12-packs of one lbs. boxes of my wife’s favorite pasta.  That’s 24 lbs of pasta.  That’s another week or two of carbs.  Now to find stuff to go with that pasta, but one thing at a time.

Now, I think it’s important to talk about why I went with canned goods versus dried beans.

Folks, this is what we eat.  It’s just easier to cook these in my opinion.  They use less resources and, if worst comes to worst, can be cooked in their own cans.  They just need to be heated up and you can chow down.

Dried beans are a different animal.  While they are undoubtedly cheaper in the long run, I personally think it’s important to stock what you actually eat and know how to cook.

I do plan on picking up some dried beans to try and cook up, but that’s not a “now” kind of prep.  That’s for later.

I’m more than willing to listen to any criticisms.  It’s the best way to learn, right?  What do you think??


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